The Master Cleanse – my experience

On January 14, 2012, I began a detoxification program called The Master Cleanse. Many have referred to this program as the “lemonade diet”. This program was developed by Stanley Burroughs, who published it initially in the 1940s and revived it in 1976 in his books The Master Cleanser and Healing for the Age of Enlightenment. It is a modified juice fast that permits no food for a minimum of 10 days – I know, many reading this would stop in shock after seeing that – yes 10 days. And I did it!

After reading the book, The Complete Master Cleanse by Tom Woloshyn, I embarked upon this journey. Days 1 – 3 were brutal, but I was determined. I saw things coming out of my body that you wouldn’t believe. I know – TMI. Although, most would assume I would have low energy and major food cramps due to the absence of food, the opposite was true. I stuck to the book guidelines strictly and had a minimum of 6 glasses of the lemonade mixture daily. Even with my very active role as a Fitness Professional, I still was able to teach 2 – 5 fitness classes daily while on the cleanse. Days 4 – 6, I felt more in control and less tempted. I could handle the smell of food or people eating around me, which felt great that I felt in control of my body, rather than a slave to food. By Day 10, although I was much looking forward to eating again, it wasn’t because I felt starved, but rather I just missed some of my favourite foods and spices for the mere smell, taste and texture of them. If for medical reasons, I needed to continue, I felt as though my body could have handled a longer cleanse, but it wasn’t necessary in my case.

Although weight loss was not my primary reason for doing this, I couldn’t believe how quickly I was shedding pounds and how defined my body became. Mind you, it would be safe to assume much of the first few pounds was water. However considering the fact that I started as an active healthy person at 165lbs and dropped to 150lbs by the end of the cleanse, I realized that was not just water loss. I noticed improvement in my skin, bowel movements, digestive system and more clarity of mind even days after the cleanse.

Naturally, once I resumed eating, a portion of the weight came back on due to increased calorie consumption, but surprisingly most stayed off. Therefore, leading me to conclude that much of my loss was toxins that needed to be released.

Would I recommend this cleanse? Absolutely! Not as a weight loss method, but a way to cleanse and recharge the body. I think its important that we do a cleanse at least once per year. My personal goal is to do this cleanse twice a year as I felt such great benefits.

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