How many calories do you ACTUALLY burn in a Zumba class?

So you’ve heard of the claims that a Zumba class can help you burn up to 1000 calories, but is this true?

How can you calculate how many calories you burn in a Zumba or any cardio workout?

There are several factors to consider when calculating caloric expenditure. Namely, body weight, VO2 and metabolic equivalent (MET) for each type of activity. A MET is a relative measure of intensity. The calorie burning formula looks like this: Total Calories Burned = Duration in Minutes x ((MET x 3.5 x your weight in kg)/200).  Rather than try to figure this out on your own there are many online calculators that can assist you. Here are a few:

As a general idea, a person weighing 150lbs exercising for 1 hour in the following activities can burn about 414 calories swimming moderately, 540 in Zumba or 684 running 6 mph.