Does Bokwa® Fitness Cause Muscle Imbalance?

There are some that believe that the Bokwa® Fitness program causes muscle imbalance because most of the steps lead with the right leg.  However, is this accurate?   To answer this question we first have to understand the definition of muscle imbalance.

Muscle imbalance is an alteration of muscle length and strength between opposing muscles surrounding a joint.  For example, someone could have a larger left bicep and thus be able to carry more groceries, maybe a child and their purse with just their left arm. 🙂

What causes muscle imbalance?

Muscular imbalances can result from many issues including the following:

  • Postural stress
  • Emotional stress
  • Repetitive movement (such as a job or exercise training)
  • Poor training technique
  • Lack of core strength
  • Lack of neuromuscular control
  • Non symmetrical training techniques (i.e. loading one side only or not working opposing muscle groups)

Does the Bokwa® program fit into any of the above scenarios?

Simply put. No.

Although many of the steps lead with the right leg, the movements do not add load or repetitive movement to just one side of the body, nor prolong the body’s weight on just one leg for an extended period of time.

Much like in ballroom dancing, dancers always lead with one leg, but the other leg follows.  The same with Bokwa®, they lead with the right, and then follow with the left.

Examples of sports that have repetitive and non-symmetrical techniques are golf, tennis, and shot put.  However if you look at these athletes, who train immensely in these sports, none of them are grossly overdeveloped on one side of their bodies.

The Bokwa® technique can be compared to sports like swimming, cycling or sprinting.  In that these athletes always lead with one arm or leg first, and then follow with the other. You’ll never see a race where an athlete stops in the middle to change their lead arm or leg, because both arms and legs are working at the same time, and the same with Bokwa® – both legs are involved with the movement.

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Article written by Dione Mason, Fitness and Lifestyle Coach and Bokwa® Education Specialist Trainer